Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stone Cold Nicole

Well, it is official I have finally attended my first "real" wrestling match. The first wresting match I attended as WWF Summer Slam back in 1999 but I found out last night that it didn't count. I guess Jesse the Governor Ventura didn't count as a " real" celebrity ref either. It was kinda like finding out Santa Claus isn't real. I regress, the reason for attending the Franklin Pierce wrestling match was Nicole. She was a celebrity guest for a student who had asked her to be an honorary coach at faculty night. I found out that in real wresting if you body slam someone you lose a point for an illegal move. The same goes for the sleeper hold, flying elbow, figure four leg lock, basically all the good moves they are all illegal. It was kinda boring. I would have taken a picture of Nicole in action but she was such a good coach that her wrestler pinned the other guy in twenty seconds, hardly enough time for me to get the camera out of the case. Anyways Nicole is basically an expert at roman greco wrestling now. So for all your wrestling questions you can go to her, she is undefeated as a coach.

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