Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January Day at the Beach

Sorry for the delay in blog posts. We decided to paint the room that our computer is in. We were hoping that we would get it done in just a couple of days, but our high walls are proving to be a challenge to paint yet again. Painting a room always sounds like fun, until we get started with the first coat. After about an hour, we were looking for any excuse to do something else. We are painting the room "banana nut" and are going to hang old sports type pictures on the wall. Doug needs a man room. We will post the pictures of the finished project whenever we finally get it done. Last weekend our excuse to avoid painting was our desire to get out of the house and go for a drive. We ended up driving out to the coast (about an hour and forty minutes). We love going to the ocean anytime of the year. It was about 45 degrees and sunny so we just spent the day walking the beach and checking out some of the near by shops. Doug took the picture next to the tide pole especially for Tom. Pepper (the dog) didn't get to come with though because Doug borrowed her pet porter to the "employee of the month" that adopted Pepper II. Cats are just not my thing, plus Pepper (the dog) was a little too jealous.


Aislinn and Dustin said...

About time!

I have to say I love it when Minnesotans use the word "borrow" when they mean "loan" hahahahaha :)

It always confuses me...but I refuse to adapt just like the midday meal is "lunch"...dinner is served in the evenings!!! Miss you guys, Chicago is allegedly really fun!!

Jami said...

Tom is glad to see you're still taking pictures by poles, as it should be.

Bout time you blogged!