Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club

It is with great honor that we introduce the newest member of our family. Pepper Numeral Dose or Pep Two. Pepper comes to us from Madison Inn Work Release in Seattle. She has resided there for the last four Months but got out early for good behavior. Actually she was some one's pet whom had to be savvy to pick out a good common sense name like Pepper. But unlike the others who have named their pets after one of the greatest condiments of all time this owner wasn't a very good pet care taker. They abandoned her. She had a tag with a phone number but several voice mails proved nothing and finally the phone was disconnected. My guess Pepper II didn't mind because she made herself right at home with a bunch of murders and drug dealers. Her time served was actually very peaceful. The inmates enjoyed petting her and feeding her despite strong words from the director not to. She was very Therapeutic for those who had rough days. She would meow, purr, and rub against your leg. She was very polite by using the neighbors yard to poop and she entertained the homeless guy sleeping in the back alley at night. Alas, her time ended at the work release when a Department of Correction health and safety officer stopped by. She was offered to the Humane Society but they were full, we called some other cat places but they said no. So Nicole with her kind heart and horrible allergies offered the back yard. Pepper I and Pepper II met briefly after the picture was taken. Pepper I used to being the only child did not approve and tried to nip but Pepper II would have none of it and fought back with three quick swats to the face. The fight ended in a draw. If anyone wants a free cat with no guarantees on the age or health or if its been spaded we have one in Seattle.

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Jami said...

I can't decide who is the funnier blogger, Nicole or Doug. I think it's a draw, much like the one between Pepper I and Pepper II.