Monday, June 8, 2009

Go Twins!

This weekend Doug and I enjoyed a jam packed weekend full of baseball. Since moving out to Seattle, I believe we have only missed two Twins games at Safeco. Either we are bad luck or the Twins just don't play well in Seattle, because of all of those games I think we have only seen two wins. Even though our home team only won one of three this series, we still had a great time.

Due to lack of creative ideas left on our blog post (Sorry Dustin, your idea was bad), we did not make a circle me Bert sign. I truthfully didn't want to make one anyways because I hate being "that person" who desperately tries everything in their power to get on TV, including waving a sign, blocking the view of everyone behind you for the majority of the game. Instead of "circle me Bert" signs, Seattlites make signs about Rally Fries. Rally Fries are basically french fries covered with garlic. After the first game we went to in Seattle, we left nauseous due to the overwhelming scent of garlic throughout the stadium. The next time we went to a game, we thought we better see what these fries are all about. Now we can hardly go a game without spending $7.50 on the famous french fries.


Aislinn and Dustin said...

Looks like alot of fun!! can't wait to see you guys

GP5 said...

Hahah I remember those garlic fries and the potent smell. I'm glad you tried them!!