Sunday, May 31, 2009


We have finally finished the hardwood floors!!! After a lot of hard work and no play this weekend, we have completed our 3 month long project. I shouldn't say no play, we actually went to the drive in movies on Friday to see a double feature of "Star Trek" and "Angels and Demons." "Angels and Demons" was the second showing, and that was the movie that I was really interested in seeing. I figured if I took a half-hour nap through "Star Trek," I'd be able to stay awake to watch the entire "Angels and Demons" movie. I unfortunately fell asleep through the last hour of "Star Trek" and then woke up for the first half of "Angels and Demons," but was too tired to make it through the entire show. In my defense, "Angels and Demons" didn't even start until after midnight. Doug really enjoyed "Star Trek" even though he claims he is not an official "Trekkie," he reported that "Angels and Demons" was kind of boring and not nearly as good as the book.


Jami said...

Floors look like they were professionally hired out! Are you sure that you guys completed them?? I agree on Angels & Demons. It wasn't nearly as good as I expected. Tom wanted to see Star Trek so bad he went to it by himself!

Terry, Vicky & Carlee said...

Can't wait to see this floor. Ready or not, we'll be there ont he 25th. Love ya!