Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back to the Mountain

This weekend it finally felt like summer vacation was near as we headed back out to Mount Rainier to do some hiking. Or favorite hikes up at Paradise still have 9 feet of snow on them, so we did a new hike farther down the mountain where there was less snow. The second we stepped out of the car and started putting on our gear, it started to sprinkle. We considered waiting it out, but decided to go on anyway. For the most part the trees protected us from the rain, but we were pretty wet by the end of the 5 miles. Not a lot of great views due to the fog, but we had an awesome time being back out in the woods. We bought our annual pass to the park, so you can be sure there will be a lot of hiking posts to come!

On the way out to the mountain, we stopped at one of my all time favorite places to eat. The food is pretty good, but the atmosphere is awesome. It is on open air bar and grill with the most incredible views.

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Terry, Vicky & Carlee said...

Beautiful scenery. Can't wait to get out there to see you guys. Only a few more days. Are you ready? Love you! mom