Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tulip Fest

This weekend we headed up north to Skagit Valley to check out the annual tulip festival. We had heard about the festival, and figured it was something that we should check out at least once. There are fields of flowers for miles. The biggest thing is obviously the tulips, but there were also fields of daffodils and irises. It was fun to check out, and we were lucky that we had such nice weather. Doug says he lost a little bit of his "manhood" tip-toeing through the tulips on a Saturday, but he will re-gain it with our next blog post. Doug has joined a rec softball team and has his first game tonight. Doug honorably plays right field for the team and is anxiously awaiting to show off his softball skills to the state of Washington!


Jami said...

Nice pics! You guys go on such interesting little roadtrips, how fun! I think Doug looks at home in a field of tulips so maybe he should plant some at your house.

GP5 said...

Those pictures are incredible! Absolutely beautiful!!