Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another house project...

We have officially been in our house for a year now, and are still not done with all of the projects. Our latest project is to put hardwood floors in our entry and front living room. The entry way originally had hardwood, and the living room had carpet. The carpet was destroyed and we immediately ripped it out. Since then, we have been dealing with the plywood floor. After realizing that having someone install wood floors for us would be way too expensive, we thought..."how hard can it be." This is now week three! The picture of Doug is on the first day when we we taking off the woodwork and ripping out the old flooring. The picture of me is me wearing my "working pants." Doug is embarrassed of these sweat pants and was hesitant to take a picture of me wearing them. I happen to find them extremely comfortable and productive. I also feel a sense of pride while wearing the sweatpants. I have worn these pants for almost every house project that I have completed. If you look closely you will notice every color of paint that is on the walls of our house on the sweatpants! The final picture is what we have accomplished in our three weeks of working. More pictures to come.

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