Friday, February 27, 2009

Pay it Forward...Doug Style

Lately a trend out here has been to buy complete strangers stuff. The other day at a star bucks 47 customers bought coffee for each other. It started with one person buying the guy's coffee behind him in line, then that guy bought the coffee for the guy behind him... you get the point. Well, I went to Burger King today with a co-worker up in Seattle. The line was really long and I waited for fifteen minutes. I kept noticing an older gentleman ahead of me looking back at me and smiling. When it was his turn to order he turned to me and said do you like Whoppers. I said boy do I. And next thing you know he orders a Whopper for me and tells me to pass along the happiness. I turn to my co-worker behind me said, "Hey I'm getting a free Whopper be happy for me." The Whooper give away ended at one.


Jami said...

Nice! Oh well, so much for spreading the happiness that only a whopper can bring :)

DS said...

Well played. That is an officially sanctioned "Doug" move.