Sunday, February 8, 2009

Clam Digging

This weekend we went on a quest for clams. We had only been clammin' once before and figured we'd give it another try. The weather was beautiful and our clam digging skills were even better then we thought they were. We caught/dug our limit (15 each) of clams in under an hour! It was an awesome day at the beach! The picture of the sand is the air bubble that you look for while clam digging. Once you see the air bubble, you use either a clam gun or clam shovel and dig out the sand under the bubble. Sometimes the clams are quick and you have to stick your hand in the hole to grab them out. Who would have thought that clams were fast moving! Check out the videos above to see how it is done.

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Josh said...

Nicole and Doug

Love reading the blog. Good to hear that things are going well. It looks like clamming was fun. Sorry I didn't get a chance to see you guys when I was out in Seattle. It was a real quick trip that didn't leave a whole lot of time for fun. Hope all is well.