Sunday, September 6, 2009

My life as a cripple

Okay, so everyone should know by now that I broke my foot while playing softball but still went 4 for 6 with two doubles. While the glory from that story will always live on in my heart, truth is people forget and life moves on. For someone like me who got injured, I cannot forget because I am still in pain. However, illustrated by these pictures one can see that other people have already moved on and have enjoyed using my pain as a source for humor. First example is the video. The video shows my loving and caring father in-law pushing me up a hill in a wheel chair. If you have speakers you can hear by-standers mocking us.

In the next photos you can see I am on crutches but alone, the only thing helping me are signs pointing to handicap access ramps.

The fourth picture shows me sitting alone with no one around but the memories of my great softball game.

In an attempt to gain more sympathy, my new disability is not being able to see things from a far away distances. I got new glasses. One can only hope that my poor eyesight will not be forgotten like my great softball game where I went 4 for 6 with three doubles on a broken leg. This is Doug. Feel sorry for me.

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Jami said...

Clearly this was one of the highest summits of Mt. Rainier. Terry will be sore for days after this feat.